Collaboration is at the core of what we do. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with different minds with varied interests and skillets. Every single person who has been a part of Aalaap has helped us grow, in one way or the other. And even though it may seem like we do a lot, we have always remained a tiny team that motivates itself day in and out to wake up, think out of the box and stay relevant to the world that we inhabit.

aalaap team

Akhila Krishnamurthy

Akhila Krishnamurthy thinks of herself as an ideas’ person with commercial consciousness. She founded Aalaap in 2013 to marry her interest in artistes and the arts with her experience in the world of media. Along the course of Aalaap’s journey, she realised her love for ideas and tapped into a niche that allowed her to execute them in ways that are fresh and fun. Akhila brings to the table nearly 18 years of experience in writing and editing - she has helmed senior roles across newspapers and magazines like The Times of India, India Today - and over the years of interacting with people, she prides herself of a keen understanding of human behavior. When she's not consulting, she is busy making plans with her four-year-old or figuring out ways to meet people over coffee. She enjoys long distance running and loves evenings that are full of opportunities to soak in music, theatre, movies and people. She is addicted to stress as she is to WhatsApp and Instagram.

aalaap team

Prasan Kumar

Prasan Kumar is a Commerce graduate and a qualified Chartered Accountant with an All India rank. He began consulting with Aalaap in 2014 and brought to the table, a decade-long work experience with large multinational accounting firms in India and the US. Through his own audit and and advisory firm in Chennai, he works closely with Aalaap and uses his financial expertise in allowing Aalaap build a sustainable proposition for all the stakeholders involved in a project. Armed with sound analytical skills in problem-solving, Prasan says that working with a pioneering arts management company allows him a platform to understand and appreciate a space that is new and challenging while figuring out strategies and solutions that are specific to the people who inhabit this world.

aalaap team

Subiksha Sundararaman

Fresh out of a Master’s programme in Performing Arts from the University of Hyderabad, Subiksha Sundararaman is a Bharatanatyam dancer with an undergraduate in economics. Combining an artistic and academic bent of mind, the practical and theoretical synergy of the arts naturally become her areas of strength. Along with the arts, she also nurtures a love for literature which adds to her skillset, a flair for spinning the word wheel. “When I saw the work Aalaap was doing, there was a sort of yearning in me to be able to be a part of the rush and rejoice that the arts world is made up of. And what better place than Aalaap that housed all of my interests and aspirations,” she says. A desire for learning more and sharing it all, is what keeps her going.