Circle of Trust

Our conversation series, Circle of Trust, was one through which we interacted with a host of artistes who are integral to the world of dance and to a dancer’s journey, at large. The conversations brought to light the many nuances and subtleties that exist in the dynamics between artistes who share the stage with a dancer and also allowed us insights into their life and journey that is as beautiful as it is challenging. You can listen to the conversations here

Sri Sudarsini (Nattuvangam Artiste and Bharatanatyam dancer) - Click here

Guru Bharadwaj (Mridangam and Nattuvangam artiste and music composer) - Click here

K P Nandhini (vocalist and violinist) - Click here

V V Ramani (Visual artist, Set and Costume designer) - Click here

Guru Madurai R Muralidaran (Bharatanatyam dancer, choreographer and composer) - Click here

Murugan (Lighting designer) - Click here

Gowri Ramnarayan (Journalist, Musician, Playwright, Theatre director - Click here