Calm Together

We also thought deeply about content and curated events that were relevant to the times that we were all locked in.

Our series, Calm Together is a case in point. Stemming from a personal point of seeking calm in times of chaos, this marathon series that also unfolded into a series of sharing by artistes from across genres, was particularly heart-warming for it reinforced the need to find calm in whatever we do and ensure that we create that atmosphere through our every gesture, and action.

Movement has stillness and vice versa. We explored this idea across different dance forms like Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Contemporary and also Silambam

Calm Together

The Bharatanatyam dancers who were featured in our favourite marathon format are - Chitra C Dasarathy, Dr Srinidhi Chidambaram, Dr Swarnamalya Ganesh, Indira Kadambi, Lavanya Ananth, Mahathi Kannan, Ragini Chandrashekar, Renjith & Vijna, Srikanth & Ashwathy, Sudharma Vaithiyanathan, Vidhya Subramanian

After them we had the following dancers -
Aishwariya Manivannan - Silambam, Amrita Lahiri – Kuchipudi, Kapila Venu - Kudiyattam, Mayuri Upadhya & The Nritarutya Dance Company – Contemporary and Shashwati Garai Ghosh – Odissi