In the last five years that Aalaap, as an initiative has been around, our attempt has been to find for itself unique, one-of-a-kind purposes and possibilities to engage with the arts and the artistes. What began as a commentary-based magazine has grown into a full-fledged company that works with Indian performing artistes, specifically those in the classical world, on aspects like design, content, curation, events, promotions, et al.

The Qs is a brand new initiative of Aalaap, yet another editorial dimension of Aalaap's eclectic personality. Inspired by the idea of straight talking with artistes across genres music, dance, theatre and cinema - The Qs is an attempt to record and transcribe the words of artistes, as they say it, allowing us, readers, to discover a dimension of themselves on aspects of the arts, and of life.

The core of The Qs is its honesty; its style is a simple, unfussy minimalism that allows anyone and everyone read an interview without necessarily knowing the arts or the artiste in context. Our intent is to ask interesting questions that allow artistes to think, have a little laugh, reflect, and reveal ideas and things that in turn, make us think, and respond.

We are happy to add The Qs to our life; we hope you will make The Qs your habit!

-Akhila Krishnamurthy



In the video that is the first of its kind, the Irish band The Academic has made use of the delay that Facebook users experience while going “live” in the most ingenious fashion

Six Indian classical musicians team up to pay homage to the eight-member band that was aboard the RMS Titanic on its fateful maiden journey. The Indian Jam Project, spearheaded by Tushar Lall, used the soundtrack from James Cameron’s 1997 film to honour the musicians